My Year in AP Bio

As the end of the year dwindles down and the majority of us are days away from completing our high school journey, the last few days in our AP Bio class are becoming bittersweet. I enjoyed many of the discussions and moments we had as a class. Our class size was very beneficial to us, as it seemed we were more connected and we were able to get through activities quicker. Although I won’t miss the full lab reports and the ridiculous free responses, I lived for the days we played jeopardy and conducted various experiments. Not to mention, jeopardy games and early morning riddles were always so competitive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rack up on signatures and extra credit points?! Even when the work load would continue to pile upon us, Mr.Kite continued to push us and tell us to persevere. Not once did he give up on us and not only do I admire him, but I want to thank him for everything he’s done. Your OG class is leaving but you have prepared us to do well in college; I only wish you, your wife, and your future addition the best!

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