Weekly Reporter ( 4/28-5/2)

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say because I only went to school for two days last week. I could tell you about being stuck at home with a stomach virus, but that might be a little too graphic, so i’ll just talk about my two days. On Monday, the class took an extremely long and difficult test to help us prepare for the upcoming AP Biology exam. Just like any other exam in Mr. Kite’s class, it was timed, about 60 questions, and there was also a math section. Thank God there wasn’t a free response; I hate free response. After that long and dreadful assignment, we were asked to continue taking observations on our algae lab. For my particular group our numbers seem to be fluctuating so we aren’t really sure what that means. However, the next day we continued to take observations, work on our projects, and we played a Jeopardy game to help review for our Ecology test. 

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