Create a specific plan to prepare for the AP Exam


Although the year is coming to a close and graduation day is approaching fast, I still have to prepare for my exams. The AP biology exam is scheduled for Monday, May 12th this year. I’m really nervous because I want to do well on the exam but I’m not exactly sure how I’ll pull it off. I have told myself many times that I’m going to study and here I am with a unopened test book a week or so before the final exam. Even though I am still busy projects and things of that nature, I pledge to study everyday from now on. I will use an online resource by the name of learnerator for at least 45 minutes a day and then proceed to read about concepts that I have forgotten or struggled on. Lastly, I plan to practice with free response questions and not only will I complete them using the CER format we were taught in class, but also time myself to gauge how I’ll do and figure out ways in how I can be more efficient in my time. Hopefully, these studying techniques will help me pass the exam and hopefully it’s not too late!

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