From the top of the food chain down: Rewilding our world

Who knows what species existed once dinosaurs became extinct? Once those big, ferocious animals died off, megafaunas took over the world. By megafaunas, I mean sabertooths, 8 foot beavers, armadillos that were as big as passenger cars, and birds with 26 foot wing span.  Luckily, a lot of these species were driven into extinction or have evolved to become more suitable to the environment. if they weren’t, who knows where we’d fall in on the food chain! However, many believe that the DNA that lies in frozen remains can be cloned to restore our ecosystem. Nevertheless, if that plan doesn’t work out, abandoned farms can become forested due to the lack of tedious work being done to the land. By increasing vegetation and organisms in these areas, many species can help one another and thrive in their habitat. So it is only best that methods such as rewilding are implemented since it allows for the reestablishment of species that have been driven out and it lets nature run its course.

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