Stem Symposium

A few weeks back, my AP Biology class and I got the chance to go the STEM Conference that was held in Raleigh. I was excited, yet nervous because it was my first time attending the conference. Luckily, my partner Ana and I got the chance to present our HIV projects that we completed prior to event to the other students that there were in attendance. There were many students there, each from different schools across North Carolina. The presentations and set up of the occasion was very informative as no group presented the same information. I enjoyed learning about the various topics that were talked about such as 3D printing, vertical gardens, and the issues of racism and poverty. Lastly, I appreciated the experience because I now find it a bit easier to present in front of people, since I have gained confidence to do so each time I do. If I could do this again, I would so 100% and I’d encourage anyone to attend such an event.

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