How has your writing changed through the course of the year?

I actually enjoy having to write a blog post every Friday. At first it used to be something I hated doing because I hate writing. Even though the assignment was easy, writing has always been a last minute, procrastination piece for me. Now I actually enjoy it because I get to learn more outside of what is taught in class and it makes it easier to understand concepts since some of the writing we do relates back to what I have learned in class. I believe I have improved when it comes to writing these posts because I used to try and write whatever so I can just turn in the assignment and get it over with. However, now I noticed that my blogs are getting longer and more personal because I’m starting to connect to my writing. It’s definitely harder to write about something that doesn’t interest you.  I know for a fact that science is growing on me and I think I like the feeling of it.

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