What’s your Native Tongue?


Did you know that one language dies every 14 seconds? National Geographic believes that by the next century nearly half of the roughly 7,000 languages on the Earth will disappear in favor of languages that are more commonly used in our communities. It is said that 78% of the world’s population speaks the 85 largest languages; English being native to 328 million people and Mandarin to 845 million.This is merely because of world communication and commerce. Parents tend to encourage their children to learn widely used languages such as English and Spanish in hopes of gaining a better education to reach success.  However, native languages are being forgotten and not learned due to learning other languages. In fact, English was not my first language; my parents taught me Tigrigna and told my siblings and I to only speak that language in the house. Many years later this rule is still enforced in our lives. I believe different languages give an insight on personal experience and culture, so I hope to continue on with my language and maybe one day it will be one of the more known languages in the world.

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