Weekly Reporter 2/10-2/14

This week was probably the shortest week we have had this year. Everyone seemed to be pretty excited because we would be getting snow for the second time this year… that’s pretty much unheard of here in North Carolina. We didn’t do much, seeing as though Mr. Kite was absent two of the three days due to educational purposes. On Monday we took our test on the ninth unit thus far, which was mostly about plants. On Tuesday we were asked to construct phylogenetic trees tracking the evolution of invertebrates from the common ancestor all the way up to the sea stars. This assignment was completed in pairs in which we had to note significant advances in body plan, nervous systems, digestion, circulation, and respiration of each of the animal groups. Class on Wednesday went by very quickly because we were scheduled for a half day and each class was allotted only 45 minutes. We all received a much needed break due to all of the ice and snow! However, it’s go time and we are ready to come back and learn!

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