Fact or Fiction?

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As everyone may know, the body is a very complex system and within it there are organs that are very substantial as well. The brain is a prime example because it is essentially the control center of our bodies. However, this organ is a very controversial topic because most people believe that we only use 10% of our brains. WIlliam James, the father of psychology,had once stated that most of us don’t meet our mental potential. Somehow, scientists and researchers mistook this idea and people started to believe that some areas of the brain were useless because damage didn’t cause motor or sensory deficits and ultimately the brain would stay intact. As more in depth research was done, scientists reasoned that the silent areas of the brain are capable of adapting, deciding, planning, and reasoning under circumstances. Human brains have a total of 86 billion neurons which allows us to be smarter than other species. Sparse coding, which is only letting a small part of any given cells light up at once, uses the least energy but carries the most information. For maximum efficiency between 1% and 16% need to be active at any given time to be conscious, so most of the brain’s operations happen when you are unconscious. Therefore, multitasking isn’t real since you are doing each task less well than if you were to give it your full attention. So, what percentage of your brain do you use?

I like this piece of writing because it is quite a controversial topic. Many people believe that we only use 10% of our brains and can’t figure out as to when the other 90% will be used. Even though I am still confused, I gained a little more insight on how the brain actually functions.

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