Super Bowl XLVIII


It’s almost February and we all know what that means. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY is just around the corner!! Well, what’s interesting about this year’s event is that one of the players are set apart from the others. Although he’s fit and any physical impairments aren’t apparent Derrick Coleman, a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, is actually deaf. The article focuses on a person that claims Coleman as his role model. He says how Coleman was bullied for being different and how he was denied of so many opportunities because of his inability to hear. After not being picked in the N.F.L the first go around and even after being signed to the Minnesota Vikings only to get cut from the team, he still managed to get signed by the Seahawks in December 2012. Although Coleman is not the first deaf person to play in the league, he is the first to reach the Superbowl. Nevertheless he has proven to not only those with difficulties, but to all of us that your setbacks only make you stronger. If you’d like to read the article here’s the link: Make sure you tune in this Sunday at 6:30 pm. Are you a Seahawk or a Bronco?

I enjoyed writing this blog because everyone always gets excited around that time of the year. Americans tend to be big sports fans especially when it comes to football so it was fun to write about a loving sport with a different twist on it.

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