What Advice Would You Give A Sophomore Taking Their First AP Class With Me?

First off, I would encourage everyone to take a class with you because you are such a great teacher. I would hope that anyone taking the AP course doesn’t come into the class with a scared mindset. If they don’t come in with an open mindset then they are apt to messing up their confidence in how well they do in the class. It’s a different world when you take an AP class since you have to accept that the objectives are harder to grasp and that you won’t make an A on every assignment. Basically, it’s okay to make mistakes,as long as you learn from them. Next, I would hope that everyone comes into the class focused, prepared, and ready to learn because the activities and lessons that we have daily are very useful for the tests and the final AP exam. Lastly, I would tell the student to take advantage of any review materials and to study a little each night because it will help them retain the information in the long run. Good Luck!!

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