Should We Eat Bugs?


Ewww gross!! Yeah, that’s probably what most of you all were thinking as you read the topic for discussion. Believe it or not, many people have actually consumed bugs for centuries now. I bet you didn’t know that this practice has a name; it’s called entomophagy.  However, did you know that bugs fulfill the roles of staple foods and delicacies. Humans lost a taste for insects as agriculture grew and pests began to eat away the crops that were being harvested. Almost 2000 insect species are turned into food and is a diet for 2 billion people in the world. Insects emit less greenhouse gases, space, and water; they can also be used as food for livestock. Entomophagy can be the cure to world hunger in developing countries since they contain 80% protein and are also high in fat, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Nevertheless, most edible insects contain roughly the same amount (if not more) of mineral iron than beef; adding insects such as these to a diet can help those that suffer from nutritional problems such as iron deficiency. Replace the ick factor and savor the crunch!

This blog would have to be in my top two because it is a very relevant topic in today’s world. Many people struggle to acquire enough money to have at least one meal per day, therefore it is a very serious topic. This blog was easy to write about and I liked how it proposed a possible solution to global hunger.

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