What will you take away from your first semester in AP Bio?

I must admit that I did better than I thought  I would, but I know that I could have done better. I had some ups and downs throughout my first semester, which included getting bad grades on tests or online practices that we had on Socrative. However, I did do well on the math problems that we were given on each of our tests, also the daily quizzes that we took on Edmodo. Although I watched most of the videos according to schedule, I noticed how lost I would be in class whenever I didn’t get a chance to watch the video. I procrastinated a lot on certain assignments. I believe that I could have done better if I learned how to use my time more wisely and in a routinely matter so that I do not slack off. Overall, I believe that I should adopt better studying habits, read my notes each and every night, and practice AP questions/free response to better prepare myself for the upcoming AP exam in May. Oh, and let’s not forget, I must learn how to use my time wisely since the test is timed.

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