Fibonacci Numbers by Pisano


I chose to watch the TedEd video that read The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers by Arthur Benjamin. He first states that we are subject to learning mathematics because of calculations, applications, and last but not least, inspiration. The Fibonacci sequence was actually discovered by a man named Leonardo Pisano. Weirdly enough this set of numbers appears in nature a lot of the time, such as 5 petals being on a flower or the number of spirals on a pineapple. Although he claimed that a lot of people enjoy squared numbers, his love for the Fibonacci series got to the best of him. His words went a little like this, “if you look at the numbers ver closely you’ll see combinations of Fibonacci numbers”. I have never looked at numbers deeply and I have never tried to interpret the meaning of each number. It is interesting how basically everything goes in a continuous cycle because numbers appear over and over again and patterns are essentially the same.

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