My Biggest Aha Moment!

 I never thought that I would be taking this class because I had already taken Biology my freshman year, which is a requirement for graduation. I thought it would be too hard and I wasn’t too sure about loading up on AP classes on my last year of high school, but my friends reassured me that I could do it. I would say that it is going alright so far; I’m doing really good but not as good as I would like, but I”ll get there. I remember that a few weeks back I was struggling to  calculate water potential. I wasn’t sure where some of the factors came from and I could pretty much remember was the formula. Most importantly, what had confused me the most was how to figure out if the final solution meant that something had a lower or higher potential than another one. Finally, after playing our Jeopardy review game  the day before the test; I understood it! I was so happy and I got the water potential question right on the test the next day.

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