So Far So Good

Honestly, at first I didn’t want to take this class because I really don’t consider science to be my strongest subject. However, I must admit, I enjoy coming into my biology class each day because it’s engaging, also this class is much smaller than those I have taken before, so I feel like we get more things accomplished. Even though we have only been in school for six weeks, I have to say my favorite unit was when we learned about the cells. The reason that I preferred that unit over water and energy is because it was more of a refresher since most of the topics that our teacher mentioned were already discussed in  previous science classes. I didn’t enjoy learning about energy because I never knew that there were that many cycles and steps, besides the fact that energy is work (and the different types of energy). I can definitely say that the daily quizzes are of help because it proves to me that I am soaking up the material and it also show whether or not I am making progress. Lastly, I know that I need to stop procrastinating and I need to improve on my study habits, but that’s  for all classes.

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