From Blah to Ah!

When I was younger, I’ve always had this vision that the typical science class was similar to what its like in the movies. You know, the big glass beakers, explosions, the mixing of dangerous chemicals…. all that good stuff. However, when i got to middle school we didn’t perform any of those experiments, as a matter of fact we never had any labs. Thankfully, now that I’m at City of Medicine Academy I appreciate all of the labs that we do in my science classes because the topic of science was never really at the top of my list. Personally, from my experience, I believe teachers should always keep their students engaged by finding out how beach students learn because otherwise the student can’t really connect to what the teacher is teaching. Teachers should include numerous hands on activities because lectures are extremely boring and I don’t think long, boring seminars appeal to anyone. Lastly, incorporate things that are creative and fun to do, whether it is watching short videos, or playing review games where students can learn and enjoy science at the same time, and even allow for some breaks during class time; we all know that science isn’t the easiest class of them all.¬†

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