Proven to Kill Cancer Cells Without Destroying the Immune System


As you know, chemotherapy is used to treat cancer, but what most people don’t know is that besides inhibiting your immunity it can also target the healthy cells as well. Chemotherapy can also support the growth of more cancer cells by destroying the immune system. However, an effect called selective cytotoxicity is a targeted cancer treatment that enables the body to fight cancer. I found it interesting that a compound called bromelain in pineapple stems treated cancer within animals. Compared to the bromelain, the chemotherapy drug 5-florauracil was completely unsuccessful and the bromelain was approximately 263 percent more effective, plus it didn’t cause any additional harm to the subjects. Who would have ever thought that a simple fruit could do the trick? Some other natural compounds that have also proven to work are Vitamin C, eggplant extract, and turmeric. Hopefully, in the future an effective, straight forward, and easy cure will be found for cancer.


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