Expectations for ’13-’14

Although science isn’t my favorite subject, I can’t say that it isn’t important when it comes to the career that I want to spend the rest of my life in. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about taking this class so I ended up putting it off to another year but finally my friends convinced me into finally joining the class. I hope to get a good experience out of this class, I mean really, like I want to learn new things, be able to connect them to my life, but most importantly I want to be engaged. I don’t want this class to be something that I dread and regret on doing. Hopefully, my time in AP Bio will be hands on, fun, and at a reasonable pace because I want to be able to remember this information for the future, so that it’ll be easier down the road.Besides, coming out with an A in the class, I’d really appreciate it if my score on the AP exam can prove to me that I have chosen the right career path and that I can receive a college credit for the class as well.I plan to come into class daily ready to learn and work, and hopefully my rate of procrastination will start to diminish. Although this is only the first week and I haven’t been too stressed out yet, I am happy to be taking another class with Mr. Kite again!

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